former museum of arts and crafts, important exhibition house in the heart of Berlin, in which today international art and historical exhibitions take place.

Watchtower at Checkpoint Charlie

Wall segments in the Niederkirchnerstreet

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  East Side Gallery:
With 1000m  the longest work of art in the world - if you need more information, just click.

Information- and Documentation Center Berlin
(beim Bundesbeauftragten for the documents of the public security service of the former GDR("Gauck-Behörde")
with the permanent exhibition:
"Public security -
power instrument of the SED dictatorship"
Mauerstrasse 38
opened Mo.- Sa. 10.00 -18.00
tel. +49 (030) 22 41 77 70
more Information under (click the symbol)

Museum House at Checkpoint Charlie
At the former border crossing checkpoint Charlie is today the wall museum with a constant exhibition.
Friedrichstrasse 43-44
daily opened 9.00 - 22.00 O'Clock
tel. +49 (030) 253725 - 0
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Memorial for Peter Fechter
"....he only wanted Freedom"
On August,17.1962 died the eighteen-year old after a escape attempt.
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Traces from an escape attempt
Look at the Lattice.
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Fragments of one of the last existing Watchtower.

Existing wall
The last existing wall segments at the Potsdamer place with a small museum.

Memorial library in honour of the victims of the Stalin regime
Special library for Facts about the causes and consequences of Soviet Communism comprising approx. 7000 Volumes aswell as sound- and videotapes of the frequently held library exhibitions.
Further information at (just click)
Nikolaikirchplatz 5-7
tel. +49 (030) 283 43 27
fax +49 (030) 280 97 193
open Tues - Thurs 10.00 - 18.00 by arrangement

"You are leaving the American Sector"
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Meanwhile, the former location of the wall, can be followed for 20km thanks to a double course of granit slabs.

Former concrete track in no mans land  for the transport of soldiers and equipment - often used today as a cycle track.

The area between the prelimary wall and the actual "wall" to the west, no man land
(on the side Facts you can find a portrayal of it - please just click)

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