Previously a concrete path in no mans land   for the transportation of sodiers and equipment -often used today as a cycle track.

Wall segments
In the Schwarzkopfstreet.
with a steel gate inscribed with:
"Door of freedom"
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Wall memorial
Bits of the Berlin wall were left, here in the Bernauer street, as a memorial.
A reference library is part of the memorial.
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Information board
The community of interest ralating to the Berlin wall e.V.,
A group of former owners of the walls plots of land.
For further information contact
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reconciliation church
The reconciliation church lay directly in no mans land.
In 1985 it was blasted
Today the newly built "reconciliation chapel" serves as a memorial.

Tower in the Kieler Street

Wall segments
in the St.Hedwigs community cemetery
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Memorial stone
"The victim
of the wall
Ida Siekmann

Wall segments
on the fast train property.
Please beware that tresspassing is forbidden
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Wall Park
To a "Wall Park" within the former no mans land. The Max-Schmeling-Hall with over 10 000 seats ist part of this complex.
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On the information board pictures and writings depict the history of the St.-Hedwig-Community church as part of the Berlin wall.

Memorial stone
And a cherry tree-lined avenue given as a present by Japanese citizens
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"Evil bridge" - Bornholmer Street
at this historical location the first barrier was lifted on the night of the 9.11.89
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Meanwhile, the former location of the wall, can be followed for 20km thanks to a double course of granit slabs.

Former concrete track in no mans land  for the transport of soldiers and equipment - often used today as a cycle track.

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